Soffid IAM and the Gamification of Identity Governance process

Sep 18, 2020 | Home, Uncategorized

Recently we have participated together with our partner IXTEL, in a really interesting webinar about Identity Governance.

From Soffid IAM, our CTO Mr Gabriel Buades explained how the Access Certification mitigates access risks, and reduces review-times as well as review-costs substantially by using risk-level driven recertifications. It enables you to act immediately to correct inconsistent or unauthorized permissions to prevent unwarranted access. These changes will be enacted in real-time with your IAM provisioning solution on the source systems.

Soffid manages the whole process to generate new certificates for specific applications and users and integrates perfectly into the Soffid workflow engine and allows the simplification of a complicated process to maximize the productivity of the company without compromising security.

Now companies are able to enforce the need to comply with the recertification campaign and within the defined time frame, thereby minimizing any risk of unauthorized access.

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